Author: Peter Nelson

Are Unicorn Conversions Really Possible in Today’s Mobile Era?

We’ve all done it. Stumbled across an article or case study outlining one minor change that caused a huge leap in conversions. It’s exciting, right? Reading about those results makes us believe that Unicorn rates are possible. Sure, some people claim to have seen them, but for most they’re nothing more than a myth. Well, […]

Responsive Design is Like Dressing Your Family in the Same Outfit

One-size-fits-all solutions are never a good idea. And no matter what the tag on the shirt may claim, what flatters you may be a huge faux-pas on another – which is why you’d never dress your entire family in the same outfit. Well, one of probably many reasons. In the tech world, responsive web design […]

Responsive Design is Today’s Motorola Brick

Remember the Motorola Brick? It was a really cool phone until wildly superior options emerged – and then this “new technology” became the butt of dinosaur tech jokes. And guess what? Responsive design is about to suffer the same fate – and it’s going to impact your bottom line, assuming it hasn’t already. Here’s why and […]