15 Jul 2024


What is the Vitals Workshop?

The first thing a doctor does is check your vitals before they can diagnose the problem. The Vitals Workshop operates on the same principal but applied to your business. First, we establish where your brand works and doesn’t work. Then we provide you a prescription through a series of actionable guides and steps you can take to create a dominant social brand.

“We are fully focused on helping you realize your dreams of having a successful business through developing an impactful brand.”
Saturday, January 30:
1pm-2pm: Registration
2pm-2:30pm: Defining Your Brand
2:30pm-3pm: Creating Your Digital Branding
3pm-4:00pm: Define and Create Workshop
4pm-4:30pm: Case Study
4:30pm-5:00pm: Impact by Aaron Pierson
5:00pm-6pm: Impact workshop and round tables
6pm-7pm: Cocktail hour
7pm: Private networking and dinner for VIPs only

The Vitals Workshop will be an immersive and invaluable experience over a full day of action-packed hands-on workshops taking place in the heart of New York City’s booming startup mecca.

The day will be made up of a combination of powerful indispensable branding content presented by our successful influencers alternated with a series of roundtables designed for you to to apply the knowledge you will be learning at the event.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get At Vitals Workshop 2016
  • Vitals branding course
  • An exclusive spot at our Vitals Workshop in New York City on Saturday January 30th, 2016
  • You will get me and my team to personally help you through the hands-on exercises and round tables to get you the best experience possible and help you define your true brand
  • You will get the chance of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and be a part of a community ready and willing to support each other succeed along the way
  • Learn powerful ways of leveraging creative talent that will get you quickly to profitability
  • Get my best branding tips for turning prospects into loyal customers
When you join us we not only rally behind you and your business venture, but also expect you to do the same for all the other bad-asses who are part of our community.
We are totally judgement free. We don’t care if you are a full time entrepreneur, have one or two jobs. We are not here to compete against each other. If your dream is to become independent or create a side business? and are truly committed to it? and to those who will support you along the way? then you belong at Vitals.