The 5 Cheapest Exotic Destinations for Your Next Holiday

When we think of cheap exotic travel, we immediately think of luxury hotels and resorts, and we begin to doubt it. But it’s wrong. This list of cheap exotic destinations should give you some ideas for planning your next vacation.

Finding cheap vacation destinations is easier than ever. To find low prices to exotic destinations all over the world, just pay attention to the offers. If you’re thinking of saving this year, you’ll be surprised how many places you can go for very little money.

Tips on finding cheap vacation deals

Don’t be discouraged by the abundance of offers you will find on the Internet. Rather than be stranded on the nearest beach, without hassle, but without adventure, we offer you a series of new destinations.

As always, at Exotica, we are here to give you good advice, and we have prepared a small list of 5 economic destinations to go on holiday. You may never have heard of some of them, but we’re willing to bet they will enchant you. And that’s not all. We also give you some tips to save your money and help you plan your excursions.

Here We Go! 5 New Exotic Destinations at the Best Prices


Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most economical destinations to travel alone or accompanied. In this country, you can feed for cheap in local markets. Vietnam also has its share of luxury restaurants.

In terms of activities and tourist attractions, The Traveler will find in Vietnam a wide range of proposals. By doing some research before you leave, you will save your time and money. Whether it’s spending a night in Halong Bay or taking cooking classes, in Vietnam, you’ll find plenty to do for cheap.

Also, many modes of transportation are available to foreign tourists. Trains and buses are among the best options. On the other hand, this country has something in common with the major European cities: on public transport, pay attention to your luggage and your wallet.


You may be surprised to learn that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. In concrete terms, it has a total population of almost 240 million. This special feature added to the many small islands that make up this territory helps to create a landscape very different from those to which we are accustomed.

You can see active volcanoes, visit a remote village in the Baliem Valley, get lost in the bustling shopping districts, or just relax at the beach. With so many possibilities, each one more interesting than the others, it is difficult to be wrong.


Don’t you think you can afford a trip to the Caribbean? Think again. Perhaps a trip to Jamaica will give you the exotic experience you’ve always dreamed of. And what’s more… at a price compatible with your finances.

Jamaica is renowned for its beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and its hospitality. There’s nothing like relaxing on the golden sand while enjoying fresh fruit juices under the Sun’s Rays

And of course, there are other activities besides the beach. You can go horseback riding in its lush green mountains or paddle down the Martha Brae River. Don’t miss the famous Dunn’s River Falls if you want to spend a pleasant day in the middle of nature.


Each year, Mexico is listed as one of the most cost-effective exotic destinations. This does not mean, however, that the country is not worth visiting. With its white sand and extraordinarily crystal clear waters, Playa del Carmen is a real gem. The bus ride from Cancún International Airport is very fast. And accommodation in Playa del Carmen will cost you much less than in the crowded seaside resort of Cancún. These two cities are quite close. So, don’t miss the elegant boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife of the Decima Avenida.

And there is also Zihuatanejo, a small town on the Pacific coast, near Ixtapa. The atmosphere is quieter and less touristy than in the center, although it is located a stone’s throw from Ixtapa, a town where you can shop, dine and enjoy the nightlife.


If you want to get the most out of your money, make sure you don’t stay in Bangkok too long. A stay in this vibrant capital is in itself an experience worth living. However, accommodation and food are much cheaper elsewhere in Thailand.

And there’s also a lot to see outside the capital. For example, you can go on an adventure on the island of Khao Phing, which is called the island of James Bond. In this country, there are also many places where you can see tigers up close. So if this is on your wish list, Thailand is the place to do it.